iTrolley Smart Home - Professional Networks Covering Home, Office and Hotels

In today’s connected home and office we have to change our focus on networking our homes, with many devices needing bandwidth to stream, connect, send, or retrieve data, building, and maintaining a robust wireless network takes experience. 

Many people don’t know but your ISP only has to get you a connection into the door of the house not around your whole home, causing serious issues with dead spots and speed issues! 

iTrolley Smart Home IT Systems and Wireless Networks

iTrolley Smart Home

iTrolley Smart Home has many years of experience building and supporting business-class IT systems, including wireless networks, and we deliver this experience to every residential home that we work with.

To put it simply, we are the wireless networking pros!

iTrolley Smart Home are engineered to provide a wireless network which is powered by leading manufactures. This will allow every device access to the network seamlessly from anywhere in your home including outdoor living.

Constant and Secure with Performance

Mobile devices, streaming services like Netflix, IoT devices, email, cloud services and storage demand a secure, reliable and constant connection to your network.

iTrolley Smart Home will build a scalable and secure wired and wireless network that will allow for the most robust coverage for every user from the young XBOX gamer, the Amazon Prime movie viewer to the occasional Google searcher

As we build your network we are with you from day one.

iTrolley Smart Home - Building a Secure, Reliable and Constant Connection to your Network
iTrolley Smart Home - Planning your Digital Home

Let’s Plan Your Digital Living Smart Home

Every Digital Living Smart Home is unique. We will work closely with you to create a smart home solution that best matches your lifestyle and budget. It’s more affordable than you would think. You can get started with a iTrolley Smart Home package for just €499.99

Start in one room, perhaps an entertainment set-up for your family room, and then add on a lighting package when your needs change. Or install a package that will encompass your whole home.

Start planning your iTrolley Smart Home today!